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Creatine is an organic compound that produces energy. It is naturally synthesized by amino acid Arginine and Glycine. During hard core exercises, creatine helps produce energy to support your workout.

However, your body may generate energy via three sources:

  • Phosphocreatine
  • Glycolytic
  • Aerobic Oxidative

During workout, creatine raises the level of phosphocreatine which is stored in your muscle. Your body utilizes this phosphocreatine to generate ATP (also referred as an energy currency which is produced during exercises.

During intense workout, your body produces energy through Phosphocreatin. Whereas, when you perform low intensity exercises, your body generates energy through glycolytic pathway (breakdown of glucose). In such exercises,s ATP is produced by Aerobic Oxidative.

During heavy weight lifting when your energy level is down your muscles cell quickly produces ATP by using stored Creatine phosphate.

Daily intake of creatine supplements increases the level of Creatine phosphate in the muscle.

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